Digital Empath

Your presence online

If you feel like a flightless bird when it comes to social media and digital communications, waddle this way.


Digital Feng Shui

Not sure where to start? Book your Digital Feng Shui. Whether it's social media strategy, accessibility guidance, content design or a website refresh, Digital Empath can advise you on all up to date digital best practices.

Copywriting services

Did you know you should only have 12 words in a sentence? Just like that one. We produce messaging and copy for campaigns, websites and articles, plus scripting and ghostwriting for creative projects.

Communications coaching

Media training, body language for business, speech and presentation training, voice and dialect coaching. Bespoke workshops are delivered for groups or individuals, theatrical or corporate, all over the world.


Whether you're a global giant or a remote freelancer, we all have to find the right words.


Why so woo?

Hi, I'm Ali, and Digital Empath is my little company. In a world that's getting noisier, empathy is crucial to meaningful communication, as is the ability to truly listen. I want to reach out to the those who find web/digital tools challenging, campaigning or marketing distasteful, and public speaking nerve-wracking. I want to get to the heart of what you have to say and help you find a voice that will carry over the chaos and hubbub, without losing your authenticity.

I can help you develop your brand and messaging - creating a tone of voice that works to reflect you and your goals, from simple tweets to long-read articles. I can advise you on essential digital practices, including accessibility and usability, plus how to approach developing videos and graphics to optimise views and shares. I can deliver a simple user journey so your audience can find you effortlessly.

I call this process Digital Feng Shui. Be water, my friend.



Close your eyes. Make a wish. Request a call back. Feng your shui.