Digital Empath

Your presence. Online.

copywriting - new websites - social media - usability testing - digital campaigns - media training - video production - coaching


Digital Feng Shui

Consultancy and strategy for your presence online. Website design and build, social media strategy, and email marketing campaigns. Creating the note-perfect, bespoke content for all digital communications.

Copywriting services

Did you know you should only have 12 words in a sentence? Just like that one. We produce copy for campaigns, websites, articles, and corporate messaging, plus scripting and ghost writing for creative projects.

Communications coaching

Media training, body language for business, copywriting workshops, speech and presentation training, voice and dialect coaching. Bespoke workshops have been delivered for groups or individuals globally.

Our network

Alison Winter

Digital Consultant

Alison has written and produced content for campaigns, websites, stage, film, and print, in-between creative misadventures both home and abroad. She has run digital transformation workshops and training sessions for universities, charities and individuals, and has developed a creative digital presence for sole traders and SMEs. She calls it Digital Feng Shui. She enjoys talking to anyone from anywhere about anything.

Michelle Brown

Communications consultant

Michelle is a highly experienced communications professional having worked in the industry of public relations and social media since 1997. By working with your business, product, service or you as an individual, Michelle can give you the opportunity to be seen and heard in your industry in a light that leads to you achieving your business goals, with a bespoke comms plan that considers your needs, time capacity and targets.

Judith Quin

Voice Confidence Specialist

If you need to emerge from behind the safety of your digital front, to speak in front of others, or manage your nerves facing a camera, Judith combines her skills from professional acting, coaching and working with sound energy to illuminate the truth behind your real message. This is life-changing work connecting you to your whole voice to create easier communication and greater connection with your audience, not to mention yourself!


Why so woo?

In a world that's getting noisier, empathy is crucial to meaningful communication, as is the ability to truly listen. Digital Empath want to reach out to the those who find web/digital tools challenging, marketing distasteful, and public speaking nerve-wracking. This is the kind of marketing and communications coaching that gets to the heart of you and helps you find your voice.

We want to create a space just for you. We want to tell your story. We want to deliver a strategy for your entire digital presence, from website and social media content to your email campaigns and beyond.

We call this process Digital Feng Shui. Be water, my friend.



Close your eyes. Make a wish. Request a call back. Feng your shui.