Digital Feng Shui

Let’s talk.

Everything is bespoke, so we start with a consultation to work out what needs to go where. We call this Digital Feng Shui – the process of digging deep into your business and marketing objectives.

We need to know who you are, who your visitors/users are, and how to furnish your website and digital platforms in a way that creates the simplest user journey with the clearest message. It’s what many digital consultants call a hack day, or digital surgery.

“Always keep in mind that the strongest factor of your Feng Shui is you.” – Stefan Emunds

We can advise on your online content, user experience (UX) design and Accessibility, and the social media platforms that would serve you. We can provide training and guidance so you can take the wheel and become your own expert in your digital affairs.

We leave plenty of breathing room in and around your content. Your clients should feel they are coming into an open space, not a noisy bar.

Presenting effective digital content is like perfectly arranging your furniture.

“The centre of a composition is not a building, but an empty space.” – Renzo Piano, Italian Architect and Engineer

Feng Shui is important because it’s the space between the furniture that allows you to appreciate the room. If the space is cluttered, no one wants to stay, and no one sees anything, because they get sensory overload.

Visitors stay on your site for 3 seconds, scanning for headings and key words before leaving if they can’t immediately see what they came for. They will hit the back button and you will have baked cookies for no guests.

Give your content the space it deserves.

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